13 Августа 2014

Брендинг киосков «Dirol».

Компания «Sonaris-com» выполнила работы по брендингу муниципальных киосков для компании «Dirol».

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26 Jule 2014

Decorating karaoke club “UP Town”

Sonaris decorated the entrance area in night club „UP Town”, using light box, pseudo-volume letters, one way vision and other decorative elements.

HERE – more details about this work.

20 Jule 2014

Body Stand “Transformer”

Сегодня изготовили уличную ростовую фигуру огромных размеров 2х2,5 метра, имитирующею робота трансформера. Данная фигура была изготовлена из ПВХ на который было нанесена самоклеющаяся пленка с полноцветной печатью.

HERE – more details about this work.

17 Jule 2014

Furniture from natural wood

Company Mobila Sonaris offers furniture of wood, from European factory, with a warehouse in Chisinau.

HERE – more details.

12 Jule 2014

Velvet gift box

Sonaris Company produced a velvet box for corporate gifts. The box is made of treated wood and upholstered in blue velvet.

HERE – more details about this work.

10 Jule 2014

Beer glasses “La Bunica”

The applying of picture “La Bunica” and the logotype of partners on the beer glasses, using the decal (serigraphy) method, allowed to obtain a qualitative and resistant image.

HERE – more details about this work.

05 Jule 2014

Canopy Ministry ITC

For the Ministry of Information Technology and Communications, Sonaris Сompany repaired the facade of canopy. Canopy was trimmed with dibond on which have been set large letters without lighting and coat of arms of the Republic of Moldova.

HERE – more details about this work.

03 Jule 2014

Stand for newspapers “DANSICONS”

One of our loyal customers ordered recently a newspaper stand. For the manufacturing of the stand were used materials as metal, PVC, acrylic adhesive tape. The stand entered successfully next to light box that was previously made by us.

HERE – more details about this work.

29 May 2014


On mugs was applied the logo “UNIMARKET”, by serigraphy printing in two colors.
The quality of the application allows the washing and keeps the image safety.

HERE – more details about this work.

27 May 2014

Exhibition stand “Mezellini”

Sonaris Company made a exclusive exhibition stand for “Mezellini” – meat processing plant Bulboaca. Stand of 36 m² (12 x 3 m) was made for the exhibition “Food & Drinks XXI edition” at Moldexpo.

HERE – more details about this work.