28 January 2014

The applying of the logo “Oraşul Vechi” on the glasses, using the decal (serigraphy) method, allowed to obtain a qualitative image, which doesn’t fade and resist to repeated washing.

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24 January 2014

Advertising Agency “Sonaris-Com” announces contest to fill vacant positions:

1. Advertising production worker (макетчик, наружник) experienced.

2. Welder and advertising production worker, 20-40 years

3. Designer with knowledge in Corel Draw and 3D Max


– Attractive salary + social package;

– Teamwork youth;

– Possibility to improve

Resumes may be sent by e-mail or phone no. 079653688 until January 31, 2014

22 January 2014


Sonaris company executed an unusual work, namely, has manufactured a imitation of windmills for MGM company, measuring 1.1 meters by 2.3 meters and 3.25 meters of swing blades.

Construction is made from metal, upholstered with plastic, which is pasted over with full-color adhesive Oracal foil.

The blades were made from dibond.

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20 January 2014

Hand made invitation to the christening, it is always a unique and beautiful design. We use different materials to guarantee that this will be the best invitation for you.

In the company Sonaris you can order any invitations for parties and events as weddings, christenings, anniversaries and birthdays.

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17 January 2014

Box for Gift KIMBO

Sonaris Company has made boxes for Kimbo corporate gifts, of two sizes (27x21x9 and 41x21x9). Boxes are made from paper 300gr with matte lamination and punching a window of transparent PVC for product demonstration.

Gift get executive class that meets all standards of quality and presentation performing high-level function.

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15 January 2014

The Sonaris company produced for the UPGRADE shop signboard, logo and large letters with internal illumination, the size of each letter is 0.5 x 0.8 meters. The letters are made from plastic and plexiglass. Internal luminescence is a LED white strip.

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14 January 2014

Volumetric letters internally illuminated, of 3.5 x 1.5 meters size are made by gluing plastic and plexiglass 4mm thickness. Plexiglas is plastered with light diffusing film Oracal 8500 series. Manufacturing of volumetric light letters is produced with the use of a milling machine, an automated method that achieves the highest quality of manufacturing and fitting parts. The light source in this letters is white light LED tape, the same such as in the round light-box with size 0.6 x 0.6 meters, that indicate the store 24/24 work time.

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10 January 2014

The subsidiary of company Sonaris-Com, located in Balti city, completed a new work full of colors. Outdoor Lightbox 0.8 x 6 meters was produced for the Carabas Barabas Sound Room, with double sided illuminated LED RGB in dynamics. On a lightbox of 4mm white acrylics were installed volumetric letters and logo from 4mm black acrylic, the entire structure was fixed on a metal frame and installed on a 9 meter height.

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8 Ianuarie 2014

Midnight in Paris – was the theme for New Year Party in Leogrand Hotel & Convention Center this year. We have decorated the entrance area, decorative wall 33 meters long and 3 meters in height were covered with a banner, and the floor is 33 meters long and 3.1 meters wide was made of particle board with pasting adhesive foil Oracal. Was also made bar with the branding.

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3 Ianuarie 2014

PAPERMAX – Art Hobby & Papetarie

Our company has issued the entrance area and the second store “Papermax – Art Hobby & Papetarie” , at Riscanovca. We used lightbox with bulky letters measuring 4.5 * 1m. Lightbox was made from: Hatchback – 5 mm PVC plastic, side parts – PVC plastic 4 mm, front part – acrylic milk 4 mm with slots for large letters, large letters – color (red) acrylic PVC 3 mm on the sides and front . Lightbox lights and letters – LED tape. Lightbox, columns and entrance area are rolled with full-color film ORACAL.

This kind of outdoor advertising works great at any time of the day and does not go unnoticed.

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