For importer Jack Daniel’s in Moldova were produced by Sonaris three types of shelf stopper which were hung with fishing wire and mounted in Jack’s Bar & Grill.

Shelf Stopper – are POS materials that are hung from the ceiling with fishing wire. Contains information-sided promotion and visible from all directions in the room.

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Recently we have executed a new branding for PRESIDENT expedition cars.

Sonaris offer you car branding with high quality materials. In addition, our in-house project management, finishing and application teams’ co-ordinate and guarantee that the entire branding process is handled seamlessly and professionally ensuring that vehicles are off of the road for the shortest possible time.

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Personalised, custom-made wedding invitation and envelope for the invitation, designed and developed by Sonaris-Com.

Sonaris-Com offers to their customers a large variety of attractive invitations.
We create it for you with unique design, shape and color, for events like: registration, wedding, christening, birthdays, corporatives and other festive events.

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Sonaris-Com company executed for Lactel Loko Moko brand, branding of expeditions cars. Old branding was removed, then printed and mounted new branding ЛОКО МОКО.

Sonaris-Com can provide, quality and cheap, within a narrow time, pasting sticker on yours cars, sticker-printing up to 1440dpi.

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For company Gepal Group were performed works of production and installation of several decorative elements for company stand, which was installed at the exhibition DAS Interior Show 2013.

Sonaris-Com company provide design, construction and development of standard and custom exhibition stands.

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Sonaris-Com has executed an exclusive work for the company Dansicons.
Light-box with a thickness of 9 cm, but with a size of 250×200 cm, was made ​​by a special technology adapted for this image. UV printing on glass 120×244 cm in four layers, highlighting elements of image required an LED light intensity, to restore clarity and special effects.

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We are pleased to announce that we have launched our official
Facebook page.

We want you using Social Media to communicate better with our customers to understand them, meet and exceed expectations. Our customers should know that we are open, friendly and always ready to offer the latest information and most interesting projects!

Soon we’ll provide details of our contest!

With a new look, a new and improved structure, this site has a clear design and easy to understand and gives us the chance to show what we can do with just a few clicks. I also designed the website to be search friendly interface, quick loading and ease of navigation.

Based on our experience and knowledge advanced in prints indoor / outdoor, I want this web page to provide an overview of the range of services available to you. We also consider a useful tool computer prices, which can give the home an estimated cost necessary various requests.