Service Details Transparent sticker

Transparent sticker is self-adhesive plastic that sticks cold without any external body warm, the print is water resistant and UV radiation, is used for indoor & outdoor prints. Transparent sticker is often printed with pictures “mirror” and used to burn transparent materials such as windows or windows of a car. It can also be used for laminating a material or to add an object (a photo, a special text, company logo, etc.) printed an image without having to reprint the entire picture.

Outdoor print is made at 720dpi and quality is guaranteed! Maximum material width is 1.6 m and can print 1440dpi (resolution indoor) to the same maximum width of 1.6 m.

Finishing: Cut to size, contour cutting, cutting plotter cutter, etc..

Applications: colantari windows, windows, various panels, objects, signs, etc..