Service Details Sticker film

The sticker is a PVC film, monomeric and laminates, printable with excellent dimensional stability and very resistant to weathering, scratches and breakage. The support on which the print is made from plastic with adhesive on the back, treated for print, exposure to UV rays. The sticker can be matte or glossy, reflective, transparent or various colors. It can be permanent or Remove adhesive.

Outdoor print is made at 720dpi and quality is guaranteed! Maximum material width is 1.6 m and can print 1440dpi ( resolution indoor) to the same maximum width of 1.6 m

Finishing: Cut to size, contour cutting, cutter plotter cutting, lamination matt or glossy.

Applications: car branding , exhibition stands, company logo, colantari forex, walls, various panels, objects, signs, etc..