Service Details One Way Vision

Windows graphics software is called One Way Vision. It is a perforated PVC sticker, glossy white with black adhesive, thickness of 140 microns and support of silicone paper with a weight of 135g/m2. One Way Vision is printed in large format printers for outdoor (at 720dpi), using solvent based inks or ecosolvent. It used to print the short or medium term, apply transparent surfaces, flat or slightly curved, such as acrylic, glass, polycarbonate, etc.. The material allows high visibility from inside to outside perforation often, but a good printed image, seen from the outside to the inside. Folia graphics windows can only be applied on the outside of windows, and not within them. Its main characteristic is that the people behind the film can see through it (so it can use to advertise on cars, buses, etc.). It can also be used for surveillance (in shops, supermarkets, warehouses).

Maximum material width is 1.6 m and can print 1440dpi (resolution indoor) to the same maximum width of 1.6 m

One Way Vision is the only material approved by the Romanian Auto Register (RAR) for decorating windows means of transport, but it is on the front windows or windshield.

Finishing: Cut to size, contour cutting.

Applications: colantari windows, windows, auto colantari, buses, supermarkets, etc..