Service Details Canvas

Canvas canvas is a white fabric, made of 100% cotton or a cotton-polyester blend, with a matte surface, satin or glossy. Printable surface coating on the canvas enables printing at high resolutions, obtaining sharp images with fine details and colors vii.Folosit initially only as material for the realization paintings by painters, canvas canvas is in our days the most commonly used material in realization of interior decoration, printed paintings, film and theater scenery. Printed on canvas canvas, paintings imitating famous artists works or can be made with any photo personal archives are stretched on a wooden frame chassis so that the printed image covers the ends of the array and creates a sense of depth and image in relief.

Prince is carried to 1440 dpi (bending) the maximum width of 1.27 m can be achieved and outdoor print at 720 DPI and quality is guaranteed!

Finish: Cut to size

Applications: paintings, decoration shops, photo reproductions, etc..