Service Details Blockout

Blockout’s a white PVC material with carbon insert in the middle to provide opacity and avoid duplication by transparenta.Bannerele blockout images are printed double sided banners commonly found on streets between poles. All blockout banner is used as a “flag” on roadside poles. This material is highly resistant to mechanical shocks and weather is printed especially street banners sided but can be successfully used for other types of display graphics printing which is required on both sides.

Outdoor print is done at 720 DPI and quality is guaranteed! Maximum material width is 3.2 m, but if you want a larger size strips frontlit stick with a special machine guaranteeing both a qualitative aspect to blend and very high resistance. You can also print to 1440 dpi (bending), but the maximum width of 1.6m

Finishing: solder, slotted wind boundary reinforcement, hem and eyelets, pockets (for rods or ropes)

Applications: street banners, flags, etc..