Service Details UV printing on MDF

MDF (medium-density fiberboard) – construction material, qualitative and Eco-friendly, with similar characteristics to the natural wood. MDF is used in manufacturing of various furniture.

Sonaris company offers services of UV printing on MDF. At us you can order prints of any image on any flat surface of MDF, thickness of 8 cm and at maximum size 250×120 cm. Thanks to UV technology that hardens the ink on the surface of MDF under the influence of UV lamps we get bright and deep colors, which are resistant to negative effects of light and moisture.

Image for application to the MDF can be individually chosen by our designers according to your wishes and in accordance with the technical dimensions.

UV printing on MDF will increase the attractiveness and uniqueness of your furniture.

Applications: kitchen facades and headsets, facades for children’s furniture, living room furniture, furniture for bathrooms and sliding door wardrobes.