Service Details Printing on Glass

Printing UV directly on the glass afford to turn into reality most daring design ideas. This is one of the most modern ways to transform a variety of ordinary household objects into a ‘work of art’, giving the interior a unique and original home decor or other local (store retail sale, local amusement , etc.).

The UV printer, which uses the Sonaris Com company, provides high-quality printing (up to 1440 dpi) on any entire glass surface, maximum size 1.2 x 2.5 m the UV printer has the ability to print white ink, which allows us to obtain a very light, regardless of the material was applied and resistant to the conditions of high humidity and sunlight.

Applications: kitchen girdle glass with exclusive design, glass closet compartments , glass partition walls, glass elements for suspended ceilings, glass table tops, fronts on cabinets, glass door to the furniture, imitation of the stained glass, etc..