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You want to order a PICTURE PRINTED ON CANVAS?

You can order from us. Sonaris company offers:

– Images for paintings on any theme (

– Possibility to choose the array size from 20x20cm to 120x120cm with step 5cm;

– Ability to create multiple pictures from an single image (triptych, polyptych);

– High quality materials (dried wooden frame, natural canvas, eco-solvent ink);

– Reasonable price.

How it will look the picture?

The picture is printed on canvas, coated with varnish and stretched on the frame just 2cm thickness.
The picture is ready to hang on the wall.

What must be the image quality (if it’s provided by the client)?

Any digital photo in jpeg format, taken with a camera, phone or downloaded from the Internet, larger than 4000×3000 pix lets you print a painting of medium size. Each image must be analyzed separately. Your personal manager will answer any question about the quality of your offered images.

Photo retouching is made if it’s required?

Yes, our designers can retouch your photos before giving to the print: remove red-eye, unwanted objects, remove and create the background, we can repair a old photo, collages or cutting done, but all of them will be charged additionally. The retouched image is sent by email for approval.

How will look the margin of the painting?

The edge of the picture is a 2 cm thickness. Before giving in the print you need to decide how the edge of the picture will look, there are four possible variants of development: pulling the image edges or to color the edge (white, black or dominant color).

The colors will be the same as on my monitor?

Not necessarily. Every monitor is calibrated differently. On screen we see colors in RGB but the printer prints in CMYK, which may influence on some color tone.

How to took care of painting?

The picture should be placed in the room away from moisture, excessive heat or direct sunlight. It can wipe gently with a damp cloth, but without chemical solutions.

What should you do?

Contact your personal manager using:

1. Tel.: 022 92 81 41, 079 42 19 35 – Irina

2. Skype : irina_sonaris

3. E- mail:

4. Using the page Paintings on order on Facebook.

There are other additional hidden costs?

NOT. Before you confirming the order for production’ll know exactly how much.