Why order GIRDLE OF KITCHEN (Кухонный фартук) from glass from Sonaris?

Reason 1: The print quality

We print on brand printer Flora UV, with print quality up to 1440 dpi and 14 – picolitre ink droplet, providing a higher quality than other UV printers.

Reason 2: Print size

The maximum size for printing on glass is 2.5 x1.2 meter, which allows us to meet any application.

You can take your pick as desired thickness of the glass (4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm or 10mm).

Reason 3: Convenience servicing

What should you do?

Contact your personal manager using:

1. Tel.: 022 92 81 41, 079 42 19 35 – Irina

2. Skype : irina_sonaris

3. E- mail:

4. Leave online order on
and the manager will return with a call.

5. Using the page Kitchen Decor on Facebook.

The rest of the work what we will do:

• Making measurements by our master (it only after the kitchen was fully mounted and wall is smooth ideal)

• Design location

• Design product

• Cutting and drilling glass (for socket , support elements and decorative screws)

• Print image

• Delivery (within range or. Chisinau is FREE)

• Installation (takes up to two hours, depending on complexity)

Reason 4: Illustration for Girdle of Kitchen (Кухонный фартук)

We offer a catalog of over 500 images from which you can choose the image what you like or choose according to your imagination on Shutterstock , which contains more than 30 million images and develop a unique design that will fit perfectly in the kitchen decor.

Search examples Shutterstock Keyword:
flowers ,
city ,
vintage ,
nature ,
texture ,
stained glass ,
sea ,
food ,
drinks ,
or different color background:

Reason 5: Estimated production

The order will be executed within 10 days from approval of final design to print.

P.S. What should be careful in various stages of manufacture of Girdle of Kitchen (Кухонный фартук)?

measuring place. Release the place will make measurements, you save your time and our master.

decorative elements. If you want to install decorative elements you must buy them in advance, so that our craftsman to measure it correctly.

retaining wall protection. It is better to install it after installing gridle .

method of attachment. Determine your installation method that suits – glue or decorative screws.

contract. When measuring your waist the authorized client must be present to sign the contract.